Ghana’s Ambassador to Egypt awarded for saving stranded domestic women in Lebanon

Nekotech Center for Labour Migration Diplomacy the Global and #Enddeadlywork Coalition have awarded Ghana’s Ambassador to Egypt, Sudan and Lebanon Dr. Winfred Nii Okai Hammond.

He received the award on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at Accra International Conference Center in Greater Region as “Distinguished Diplomatic Service Award 2020”

Dr. Winfred Nii Okai honor by the organisations follows his industrious effort he made for evacuating stranded Ghanaian women from Lebanon to Ghana amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The board of governors of the joint International organization during the occasion underscored that his concern and care to take on the leadership role in organizing the rescue missions of the thousands of Ghanaian women trapped in the slave-like Kafala migrant hiring system, especially in Lebanon, has distinguished him among his peers during this difficult Covid19 era of 2020.

The association are further impressed that beyond the rescue mission, his is still following up and following through to see to the return and successful reintegration of the domestic migrant women with such passion and concern.

They underlined that his effort is outstanding since many lives of the stranded women would have died of the novel virus had it not been his intervention.