Ghana Youth waiting for Russian Hospitality

Ghana representatives planning to take part in All-Russia’s Festival for Students and Youth are sure that the forum will be organized on the top level, TASS reports.

According to the head of West Africa Youth Organization Ahmed Bening, this will be a meeting with warm hospitality of Russian people.

“We have simple expectations of the World Festival for Youth and Students. We are anticipating to meet Russian hospitality, variety of Russian population and Russia’s territories with multitude of different nations and cultures, – Bening said.

He has explained that one hundred and four people will represent his country including young political leaders, students and public characters.

Bening has commented that they will vote for activation and development of ties between Russia and Africa in all directions from economics to culture. He has remarked that the festival would become a perfect motivation for strengthening friendship between peoples of the two countries.

According to the public activist, Russia plays a role of the balancing force at the international arena decisive for reaching stability in the world. Bening has expressed hope for reinforcing Russian influence in the social-economic sphere. Besides, the activist has reminded that both countries are tied with common political and economic history and called for reviving the relations.

Russkiy Mir