Film Village in Ashanti: Gov’t should tell us the precise location for the construction – Creative Forum Ashanti

Creative Forum Ashanti has made a passionate appeal to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Art on the specific location to begin construction of the long awaited film village to boost creative business in Ashanti since the region is prone of film making.

It would be recalled that scores of actors and actresses from the Ashanti Region on Wednesday, 24 July 2019 petitioned Parliament to ensure that a Film Village is built in Kumasi, the hub of Ghanaian movies (Kumawood) rather the Kyebi, Eastern Region.

The plan to situate the film village is now relocated to Ashanti region, however, the specific location for construction of the film village in the region  has generated agitation among film producers and other concern groups in the country especially in Kumasi since the places are now three.

Speaking to in a sideline interview with Nana Frimpong, Organizer for Creative Forum Ashanti, after press conference organized earlier in Kumasi on Wednesdays, September 16, 2020, he remarked that technical committee from Creative Art Ministry had come to spied Sekyere, Hemang and Kunsu to locate the film village to one of the communities, however, they are yet to see the outcome of the board after almost three months.

He underscored that, though the result of the committee is not in but they prefer Kunsu to the other two communities since it has a mini film village by Kunsu Chief which he has started production of “Abuburu nkosua, “Su su pre” and others that shows on television.

“We are not against any choice of the Ministry, whether Kunsu, Hemang or Sekyere, though Kunsu has it mini film village.
“Creative Forum Ashanti, we are of the view that the Tourism Ministry should tell us their location among the three places and their reasons for selecting such location “, he stressed.

In their earlier press meeting, the Conveyer for the group, Austine Woode opined that initially, the project was planned to construct at Kunsu in the Ahafo Ano South District of the Ashanti Region, but  currently, it’s extremely dicey the exact location of the project.

…“In our said petition, we presented a proposal that said we had already had discussions with the Chief of Kunsu who had promised us 250-300 acres of land for free to be presented to government if they decided to build the film village in Ashanti Region.
“This decision was reached because the Chief of Kunsu had already built a mini film village in his town and used for many movie productions like “Abuburo Kosua” “Su su pre” and others that shows on TV,” he said.

“We will however like to put on record that during the consultations by government for this project, our group that petitioned Parliament was never involved.
“At no point were our views sort but all we heard in the media was two other areas that are Hemang and Sekyere had also presented the land to government.

“On the side of the MOU signing of the construction of a Conference center in Kumasi, Minister Barbera Oteng Gyasi was asked about the decision on the film village and she said the technical committee had decided on Sekyere.”
“We will like the Minister of Tourism and Creative Arts to formally come out on the decision taken on where to construct the film village and give industry players, cogent reasons why a particular area was selected over the other two.

“This announcement should come with clear timelines for the project so we can all properly track progress of work.
“We ask for these official statements so it puts to rest the bickering that has engulfed some industry players concerning this matter…” he stated.