Excellent Leadership & Innovations Under the Current NSS Management—CVM

Concerned Voter Movement(CVM) has commended the current leadership of the National Service Scheme for the manner in which the outfit is been ran.

This was contained in press station issued by the outfit and below is the the full statement commending the National Service Scheme (NSS).

CVM would like to commend the Management of National Service Scheme for facilitating the implementation of the Resolution adopted by the National Service Personnel Association, NASPA on 25th May 2017.

Since the passage into law the NSS, this is the first time National Service Personnel are going to enjoy the benefits of:
1. A soft loan
2. Insurance cover between 3,000ghc to 15, 000ghc strictly managed by credible insurance companies such as Vanguard Life, Star Life, GN Life, Quality Life and Enterprise Life.
3. Monthly airtime package & instant doubled airtime.
4. Free Access to the Social Media Platforms.

All these innovative packages are within the deduct fees of 15ghc.

Let us be honest, even if the National Service Personnel decides to save the 15ghc themselves for 20years (240 months), it will never give them the financial opportunities to enjoy these benefits listed above.

The Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director (Operations) and Deputy Executive Director(Finance & Administration) deserves our praise for demonstrating excellent leadership and innovations as far as this arrangement with the NASPA members is concerned.

It is only gullible and Political mischievous group of people who will equate the innovations at the NSS to corruption.

In the era of the NDC, over GHC 9million was wasted on corruption on monthly basis unlike the current Management of NSS where these monies are saved to better the conditions of NASPA members.

Official NASPA members are too sensible to fall for the lies of the NDC rented Service Personnel.

Ghana is lucky to have intelligent and incorruptible Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director(Operations) and Deputy Executive Director (Finance and Administration) at the NSS who are doing everything possible to bring the needed transformation and innovations at the NSS.

Razak Kojo Opoku
(Founder & President)