Did You Pay Road Contractors Based on Work in Green Book or Work on the Ground? – Solomon Owusu Asks President Akufo Addo

The outspoken immediate past Deputy Secretary of NPP Chapter in California, USA, Solomon Owusu, has questioned President Akufo Addo on his comment concerning Ex-President Mahama’s roads that can be found only in the green book but cannot be seen on the ground. According to Solomon, the president should explain to Ghanaians how he paid those contractors after investigating to know that their road works were not existed. His question was posted on social media to support the earlier comment made by his good friend, Kwabena Bobie Ansah of Accra FM 100.5 MHz.

The Roads and Highways Minister, Mr. Amoako Atta in May 2019 stated that the president directed the finance ministry to release $1 billion to pay road contractors. According to him, the government had already paid over GHS 4 billion since assumption of office. The minister made these statements during a workshop organized by his ministry at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, after the road contractors threatened to sue the government in September 2018 over non-payment of arrears.

The current government began to pay off the debts in October 2019, after engaging the services of “competent auditors” to investigate all the road works across the country. It was surprising that President Akufo Addo boldly declared to the public that these already paid roads could only be found in the NDC’s 2016 campaign green book and not on the ground. The president made this comment when he met the press teams in Ghana at the Jubilee House on Friday, December 13, 2019.

Commenting on this statement, Solomon has challenged the president to publish the modalities he used to pay the contractors whose works could not be found on the ground. Again, the president should publish the audit reports which showed that the roads could only be found in the green books. Furthermore, the president should tell Ghanaians how he paid the auditors who recommended that the government should pay road contractors whose works could only be found in the green book.

According to the former strong campaigner for the then candidate Akufo Addo, the president lied to win power and he has consistently been lying since he assumed power. In his view, everyone has realized the misleading approach Akufo Addo uses to lure Ghanaians to follow him, hence admonished voters to avoid listening to Akufo Addo’s lies. The disappointed former NPP member said, through the intervention of social media, Ghanaians across the world see whatever happens in Ghana every hour and therefore nobody can convince voters blindly again as president Akufo Addo believes.

Solomon K. A. Owusu (Colorado, USA)
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