Deputy National TESCON Coordinator Celebrates Scholarship Secretariat Capo

On the glorious celebration of the birth of my boss Mr. Kingsley Agyemang of Ghana Scholarships Secretariat, let me use this opportunity to mention some of his achievements in his role so far in this government and applaud him.

Where as success is not achieved on a silver platter, so as the height attained by great men isn’t achieved with a sudden flight. Until something sumptuous is done, success stories cannot be told

Faithfuls of the NPP are always right with their laudable applause “We’ve the men” to the numerous competent appointees of the Akufo-Addo administration.

Outputs and the unprecedented results from this current ‘ample size’ government always defeat substantialities in the arguments of their critiques. Ghana is indeed working.

Lack of innovative and visionary leaders in the recent past Mills-Mahama government took this country back as far as development is concerned but the appointment of innovative, vibrant and visionary leaders has given birth and brought Ghana on the paths of development.

Ghana Scholarships Secretariat headed by Mr. Kingsley Agyemang has been one of the most revived agencies among others under this administration.

The vision and innovative ideas of Mr. Kingsley Agyemang has seen many improvements at the once dormant Secretariat. For the first time in our country’s history, Scholarship scheme have been decentralized in all the Districts, Municipals and metropolis across the country.

Also, under his leadership, the Secretariat have paid all arrears of students studying outside Ghana on government scholarships and cleared all debts bequeathed.

The dormancy that took the shine of Ghana Scholarships Secretariat away through mismanagement by the past government have been reincarnated and seen massive improvement under the leadership of Mr. Agyemang.

As the adage says; its the calm and silent water that drowns a man and as we always patiently observe the slow pace of the moon, but always crosses the town. So shall we see more development in Ghana when we give the NPP government enough time and more terms to serve.

Mr. Kingsley Agyemang has been a great performer in his role under this government. He is a revelation in this President Akuffo Addo government .
His achievements are visible and touchable as a fact to help seek for more terms in office for this president Akuffo Addo government

Happy birthday boss, l wish you nothing less than your heart desire on this special day. May you be blessed with long life, wisdom and favors from God to help make the dreams of President Akufo-Addo and Ghana see the light of the day. Cheers!

God bless our homeland Ghana, President Nana Akufo-Addo and make our nation great and strong!

Happy birthday Registrar of Ghana’s Scholarship secretariat , Mr Kingsley Agyemang.