COVID-19 : People Are Dying in the Zongos – Minister

The minister of Inner City and Zongos Development,Hon. Sheikh Mustapha Hamid had disclosed that tens of Moslems are dying of COVID-19 disease as a result of their refusal to observe the prescribed protocols proposed by the Ghana Health Service.

According to the minister his people are simply ignoring the guidelines to avoid the COVID-19 infections. “We have learnt that my people bury the dead in consonance with the Islamic doctrine but this should not be the case. They are dying in tens especially Kumasi and Accra.”He lamented that in Accra places like Ayawaso West and East as epic centres of the disease just like Asawase in Kumasi. He advised the Moslems to rely on the advice of the Quran to observe the protocols to stay alive. As he put it our Moslem brothers and sisters are dying cos of ignorance and therefore paying heavy price for it. The minister said Moslem leaders should liase with the health authorities to stem the situation to reverse the problem.

Hon Mustapha told the press that the NPP government in an attempt to improve on the conditions of living of the moslem women had embarked on a program to train them package and present their food items well to attract better price. This is being done to ensure hygienic place of preparing these foods, health and safety conditions of these women. He argued that if these conditions are improved, the women can earn decent incomes from their effort. He denied ever saying that he was going to teach the women how to cook these foods better,but to help them improve on their service delivery