Corona Is A Killer; Don’t Joke With It —- Oppong Nkrumah

The Minister of Information Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has warned Ghanaians to stop toying with the deadly Corona Virus pandemic because it’s real and killing people in Ghana on daily basis. ” So far 129 people are dead and still counting so those who are taking it for granted must be extra careful and obey the protocols prescribed,” he advised.

The minister gave this advice when he addressed the media in his bi- weekly update on the pandemic at his ministry in Accra. “Folks we all have to do our part to adhere to the protocols and fight the disease. The government is doing its best to provide logistics,laws and leadership but if you the citizens refuse to reciprocate then there is very little the government can do,”he opined.

He told the journalists that people who complain about the discomfort of wearing the mask must do with it because you can die or carelessly infect others so we have no other choice. The minister expressed his infuriation with parents who converge in schools in an attempt to create condition because the GES ,MOE ,GHS and government are doing every thing possible to ensure the safety of the students.

“Within the next 8 weeks,the children will finish their exams and go back to the various homes so no course for alarm”he postulated. He asked the parents to disabuse their minds of spurious social media reports that seek to conote mischief or political bigotry. According to the minister,most of the information on social media on schools infections are false.

He disagreed with a questioner who sought to suggest that government was overwhelmed and tired of the disease.

“Government will continue to provide leadership and logistics to fight the disease he had promised but the onus lies on the people to do their best to be law abiding so that together the war can be won,”he assured Ghanaians