Contractors Abandon all Projects Due to Lack of Funds

Vice President of the Progressive Contractors Association, Hammond Larbi, says contractors have refused to work as a result of the government’s inability to pay them.

During an interview on Maakye aired on Kessben FM/TV, Mr. Larbi disclosed that the money which was allocated for their payment has been given to the energy ministry.

”it was in the newspaper that 2.5 billion was out to pay contractors and we were excited about it, not long did we hear that the money has been diverted to energy,” He said.

According to Mr. Larbi, the state has failed to direct funds to be used in construction.

He further stated that the government has chosen other options over them and the bank has also refused to give them loans as well because of the monies they owe them already, therefore, they have also decided to abandon all projects.

“They occasionally call us for emergency works, but as you progress with the works, it becomes difficult to retrieve the monies left. Banks have also refused to grant us loans because we already owe them money, the Banks believe we caused their collapse and is true”

The PCA has been requesting for about 95 million dollars owed them since 2013 and the Department of Feeder road has said he is taken steps to the finance ministry to pay them.

By: Ofori