Chief elect of Asiakwa donate to School at my first day at school

The chief elect of Asiakwa Nana Asomanin George and family have donated school books and accessories to all schools in the East Akim Municipality of the Eastern region of Ghana.

When speaking in an interview with the reporter TWENEBOAH KODUAH, Nana Asomanin made it clear to all the four schools Namely Roman Catholic school, Methodist school, Salvation army school, and Presbyterian school Asiakwa that since the Government has initiated the free education in the country it is privilege to be part of the initiative.

He said education is the Golden key to success so he edges all students to be more serious I. Their education and that they should their studies very serious.

He added that, the Government led by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo does not play with education so at least the president expect that every student must at least complete Senior high school.

Nana Asomanin advised the teachers to be more vigilant and wise to gain respect from the students . He added that, recently, a teacher raped a nine (9) year old daughter somewhere in the central region and now the teacher finds himself in prison and that he is urging all the teachers to be a little circumspect when dealing with little children especially students.

Nana stressed that, as part of his responsibility to rule over as the incoming chief of Asiakwa , he will do all his possible best to stretch hands to the needy children and community as a whole.

Nana Asomanin was accompanied by former high Court judge , justice Adu Ampomah Opp Boateng a senior citizens from Asiakwa.

The donation was funded by BUTLER EDUCATION ASSISTANCE FUND led by Nana Kofi Agyeman Sankofahene of Asiakwa ( yellow house) .

The items includes Note Books, Pens, pencil and exercise Books worth nine thousand seven hundred and eighty five cedis( 9,785.00) .

The head masters of the school express their happiness to the donations made by the senior citizens of Asiakwa and also thanked them for such a wonderful donations .
Some of the pupil also expressed how they are happy and also thanked them

Nana Asomanin Concluded that, he will continue to visit the school from time to time to see development in schools.