Big Fight Over Ghana Gas Position

There appears to be some disquiet at Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) following the appointment of Dr Ben K. D. Asante as the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Some youth from Nzema, where the oil and gas industry is booming in the Western Region, have complained bitterly about the fact that top management members, including the acting CEO are still at post.

They claimed the officers allegedly contributed to the dwindling fortunes of Ghana Gas.

They are also expressing their reservations over the appointment of Dr. Asante because they claim the acting CEO was instrumental in advising the previous NDC government to relocate the Ghana Gas Processing Plant from Jomoro to Ellembelle, a decision that the people in the Jomoro area blamed for the loss of economic opportunities.

However, the Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas (CSPOG) put up a spirited defence of Dr. Asante, claiming that he was not a bad choice.

A statement signed by its Chairman, Dr. Steve Manteaw, last week had said the youth’s opposition to Dr. Asante’s appointment was without “factual and objective basis, and said that the allegations were “clearly at variance with the facts as CSPOG has come to know them.”

“Indeed, the President couldn’t have made a better choice, as Dr Asante has over the past few years proven that he has what it takes to manage the state entity.”

In the ensuing debate, the youth group has shot back at (CSPOG), insisting Dr. Asante cannot escape blame for the way the strategic national asset was allegedly mishandled.

“We don’t want him as acting CEO because for every mess that has been created in the company, he is also part of it,” spokesperson for the Ellembelle youth group, Felix Dickson, had told Starr FM in Accra recently.

“If Ghana Gas didn’t go well, he is part of the problem since he was part of the top hierarchy of the company and as a consultant, he gave all the consultancy advice,” he claimed.

According to the youth, the NPP government must as, a matter of urgency, appoint a substantive head who shares the ideals and vision of the President and the government at large.

The youth are even threatening to hit the streets if the government does not make immediate changes at the top management level of the company like it did recently at Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) where 11 top officers were asked to hand over and proceed on leave.

George Sipa-Yankey, who was the CEO, exited the company after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of which he is a leading member was defeated in last December general elections, leaving a vacuum.

However, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo quickly appointed Dr. Asante to an acting capacity.

Dr. Asante, according to the presidential directive, is not permitted to take decisions that have policy implications.


Source: New Crusading Guide