Betty Mould Lies & Marietta Brew Schemes – Martin Amidu Are You Sleeping?

For some awkward reason other than wanting to run for chairmanship of the gangster NDC with the hope of escaping prosecution as she was allegedly advised by Marietta Brew, the loud Betty Mould Iddrisu is clamouring in her daze trying to court John Dramani Mahama to make her his running mate in the likely event he wins the NDC flagbearership race. But it would seem to me that in a stupor of heavy drunkenness, she must have forgotten the inefficiency of her position as Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the days of His Excellency John Evans Atta Mills. I am trying to restrain myself from stating how much of an abysmal failure she was in her gross incompetence and deceitfulness, having, once upon a recent time, aided the alleged thief Alfred Agbesi Woyome, to steal GHs51 million (fifty one million Ghana cedis) at the time that this amount was equivalent to some $30million US Dollars of hard cash, most probably solicited from a donor agency for the purpose of alleviating the suffering of the poor Ghanaian; a misguided and misfired prerogative!
She claims that NDC will come back to rescue Ghana from the NPP. You see, the NDC sees nothing better in excellence because that is not their stock in trade. In fact, nothing that the NDC does brings salvation to the nation or inures to the benefit of all. They do not see the brilliance in the Free SHS, which will soon spread to the tertiary level. They do not see reason in the well-organised school feeding programme that is saving children from starvation. They do not see the necessity of having a digital address system that gives Ghanaians a purpose of identity and belonging. They do not fancy the success of the government in the railway system that was kick started with the astuteness of bold Joe Ghartey, the Honourable! They do not see the glorious end result of the 1V1D (one Village one Dam).
They do not see the smooth execution of roads and highways on the Eastern and Western corridors which Honourable Amoako-Atta is sensibly implementing with limited resources after Inusah Fusseini supposedly connived with John Mahama’s siblings to siphon for other purposes including personal and NDC Party matters. By the way, the much touted state-of-the-art Eastern and Western Corridors were non-existent, but hyped in a green book of lies. In fact, the NDC tried to hoodwink Ghanaians into believing that the said roads were constructed, but they weren’t. The one billion US Dollar resurfacing of Accra roads was a scam because very little was disbursed for the purpose. The money went into NDC pockets!
Let me tell you about Amoako-Atta. When he took over, He consolidated the simmering energies at the Ministry of Roads and Highways, renegotiated loans, and practically breathed life into the roads sector. He took his Ministry from the dying cripple that it was and made it the Usain Bolt of progress and competence. That is Amoako-Atta, and he will not pay thieves of the NDC and their colluders who did not execute their contracts but got paid part of.
They do not appreciate the effort that Hassan Tampuli is making to stem fuel smuggling and other illicit oil and gas business in the downstream sector. They do not appreciate and applaud the exemplary governance of the Nana Akufo-Addo government in light of the massive burden that it was made to carry as a bequest from the incompetent and scandalous NDC government. The instances of comparison are infinite, and of course the NDC does not see the light of day to even begin reorganising due to the many exposés that her people got entangled in. The few things that would have been good that the NDC ever did were fraught with massive corruption and untold misery on the nation as a result. For example, the Ridge Hospital was refurbished to the tune of $250 million US Dollars making it the most expensive of its kind in the world; the element of corruption was over 80 million US Dollars. The Circle/Dubai interchange was compromised due to over invoicing by some $100 million US Dollars. The $130 million US Dollar first phase renovation of the Tamale (International) Airport shows nothing for it. The Kumasi airport Runway was resurfaced at a cost of some $29.5 million US Dollars, when the Ho airport cost less than that to build from scratch. And such cases abound endlessly!
So Betty Mould Iddrisu you say what? Your people cannot even spell well to write sensible slogans for the sham demonstration organised by a Wa executive of the NDC under a camouflaged demo of nurses. You should rather encourage them to go back to school now that quality education has become free under Nana Akufo-Addo.
Then again, she was succeeded by yet another hungry woman of the NDC, Marietta Brew Appiah. Well her ingeniousness in corruption is said to be astronomical but cheap, afterall, she was allegedly the recipient of one million Ghana Cedis of Woyome’s stolen booty that her predecessor sanctioned without batting an eye. And Marietta Brew has made it her engagement to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of the NPP government by seeking to make believe that it is not foreigner friendly. I will ejaculate her idiocy soon for all to know how far the shenanigans of the NDC can be fetched.
But in all that, let me admonish the Special Prosecutor to wake up from his slumber. I do not understand that almost a year on, he has yet to prosecute one case of criminality against the thieves of the NDC. I do not know if it is because they are his colleagues or because he is not sufficiently angry at the pain they inflicted on the nation. Their schematics clearly dwindled the fortunes of our country. Their massive cases of theft and corruption fizzled the goodwill of the world towards the success story that our nation became under His Excellency John Agyekum Kufuor. Luckily, with the ordinance and blessings of GOD, things are turning around under the wise leadership of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.


By Fadi Dabbousi