Ben Owusu Achiaw NPP China Chairman Suspects Foul Play In SHS Fire Outbreaks In Ghana

The Chairman and executive of NPP China branch during their first quarter general meeting have resolved to petition the leader and commander of Ghana National Fire Service to urgently launch a full scale investigation into the rampant fire outbreaks that gut two Senior High Schools in Ghana; Oppon Memorial Senior High and Accra Academy.
This call has become imperative owing to the massive infrastructural development that are ongoing nationwide under the tutelage and able leadership of President Nana Akufo Addo to ensure good teaching and learning in Senior High Schools in Ghana.
The President’s goal to eradicate illiteracy and poverty through the introduction and implementation of a national free Senior High School must be supported by all Ghanaians.
The commitment and progressive preparation, strategy and budgetary allocation towards the eradication of the teething problems of the free SHS is impressive. “The government’s efforts towards the abrogation of the double track system is commendable. The successes achieved must be guarded and preserved by all students, parents, and nationals”. The Chairman is quoted as saying.
The statement mentioned that the free SHS has come to stay. It is therefore the civil duty and constitutional responsibility of all Ghanaians to safeguard it. It requires all Ghanaians to serve as vanguards to safeguard and protect educational facilities. This requires a total vigilance and whistleblowing of miscreants and saboteurs who intend to truncate the unequal educational quantum in Ghana’s high school education.
The Chairman, admonished against pessimism and hence requested a thorough full scale investigation into the causes of this novelty in high schools fire outbreaks and to avert a future occurrence of such situation.
While the Ghana National Fire Service investigates and put out measure to prevent future occurrences, teachers and students are implored to strengthen the program by being citizen vigilantes to keep it moving from generations to generations.

Source: Ben Owusu-Achiaw
Guangzhou, China
NPP China Branch Chairman