Beach Soccer will become a new industry in Volta Region – Volta FA Beach Soccer Chairman

Newly appointed Volta Region FA beach soccer committee Chairman Dzidodo Ruben Adjahoe has indicated that beach soccer will soon create jobs and opportunities for the people of the region and beyond.

Adjahoe said the sport has a lot to offer the Region since Volta Region is already the hub of beach soccer in Ghana. Ghana’s most successful beach soccer club Sunset Sports Keta and rivals Havedzi Mighty Warriors are based in Keta in the Volta Region and the two clubs have won all four national league titles amongst them while players from both teams form the core of the national team, the Blacks Sharks.

“It is important we take a bold step by creating a viable industry from beach soccer. We have the best clubs, the best players and undoubtedly the most beautiful beaches in Ghana. We have to move further by seeking the right partnerships that will make this region a model one in beach soccer”.

The new Chairman of the Volta FA beach soccer committee called on all local communities especially those on the coastal belt of the region to set up beach soccer clubs. He also asked for cooperation from the existing clubs for the beach soccer committee as he expressed confidence, the new appointees will be up to task.

“The FA has expressed readiness to give beach soccer the needed support which is very vital to our growth. What is very important now is that all communities, especially in the coastal areas form new teams so that we can start a regional league to boast our growth. Our old clubs must also share knowledge and experience with the new ones and also give members of the committee their unflinching support”.

Dzidodo Adjahoe, also CEO of Sunset Sports Keta, 3x winners of the Ghana Championship & 2019 Copa Lagos Club Challenge Champions as well as clubs liaison officer at the African Beach Soccer Union was reacting to his appointment as Chairman of the newly formed Volta Region FA Beach Soccer committee.