Audio: Emotional experience of an Afro American first visit to Ghana

Maudlyne Ihejirika is an African American journalist with Chicago based She is a columnist/reporter with 25 years in the journalistic profession.

Madam Maudlyne is a first time visiter to the continent of Africa and Ghana to be precise. History has taught us that the most inhuman and devilish thing that ever happened to the black race was slave trade.Though  abolished several centuries ago, The black people who were sold into slavery most could not survive that torturous journey to the Americas. caught up with her at Darko farms where  she was part of the media practitioners that accompanied Israeli Nationals and of Ghanaian lineage on a tour to Darko farms.

The chairman of Darko Farms Mr Kwabena Darko had his training in Israel in the latter part of the 1950s and since Darko farms is marking 50yrs this year hence they made that trip.

Before embarking on the  journey to  Kumasi, they had visited Cape Coast Castle where she was  very emotional about what had transpired several centuries ago and that was the  slave trade.

Below is the audio interview