Arsene Wenger Reveals He May Never Return to Football Management as He Hints at New Role

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he may not return to management but may still return to the game in a different capacity.

The legendary former Arsenal boss took the decision to bring his 22-year tenure with the Gunners to an end last year and he is yet to return to football in any professional role – despite being linked with a number of top jobs across Europe.

Speaking at the launch of a new partnership with a sports technology company, Wenger conceded that there is a chance he won’t return to management, telling the ​BBC: “You will see me again in football. As a manager… I don’t know.

“I thought I will come back into management very quickly, but I enjoyed taking a little distance. Now I’m at a crossroads.

“In this year I did a lot of charity work, conferences – and I enjoyed it, I must say, to be a little bit less in highlights and less under stress.

“I came to the conclusion I want to share what I learned in my life, because I think life is only useful if, at some stage, you share what you know. Football is still my passion. I will come back soon – but I cannot tell you exactly in what capacity.”

Wenger also had a moment to discuss his past with Arsenal and explained that he still misses the club after achieving so much success during his lengthy stay in north London.

“I miss competition and I miss Arsenal because I left my heart in there.

“I gave my life to this club for 22 years. Every minute of my life was dedicated to this club and I miss the values we developed inside the club. I support Arsenal. It will be forever my club.”