Arrest and prosecute those who create mayhem- Fred Amankwah-Sarfo tells Ghana police

Vigilantism and youth groups that perpetuate violence in Nana Addo’s led government is a worry to many within the rank and file of the Party.

Latest to add his voice to the on going youth aggression and vigilantism is Fred Amankwah-Sarfo aspiring National Chairman hopeful of the Party.
Mr Fred Amankwah-Sarfo in an interview with said those supporters who are causing these mayhem could be infiltrators because a true and registered member of the Party will not give a negative image in the name of alerting authorities violently for jobs.

The aspiring National Chairman said there’s a line of difference between a supporter of a political party and a registered member of the same political party. A registered and card bearing member who contributes in the form of paying of dues to help party activities will not do what they are doing.

He however called on the law enforcement agencies to arrest and prosecute those who create insecurity and try to drive investors from coming to Ghana.
He appealed to Party faithfuls to exhibit some level of circumpection in their quest for jobs in the Nana Addo’s led Government.

He further added that the Nana Addo’s led Government has good plans for Ghanaians in the area of jobs and creating enabling environment for businesses and investors to thrive as a way of creating jobs the aspiring National Chairman added.