Allow Martin Amidu to work on the Airbus scandal- Dr Akoto Osei

Story by Ernest Brefo///

The Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation Dr. Anthony Osei Akoto, has said, Parliament has agreed to let the special prosecutor, Martin Amidu to conduct his investigations on the Airbus scandal during the parliamentary sitting on Friday, 6th February.

He explained since the Airbus is an international scandal, the parliament should allow Mr. Martin Amidu to carry out his own investigations to avoid politicising the investigation. Dr. Azote continued, the parliament doesn’t have the expertise to carry out the investigation successfully.
He made it known to Omamhene Yaw Adu Boakye on KessbenFm. Member of Parliament for Tafo Pankrono revealed Ghana, United Kingdom and the United States of America have a legal mutual assistant program that allows us to share information among themselves.
He stated, if Martin Amidu writes to SFO, who carried the investigation, they will give him all the necessary legal information needed to persecute the culprits.
Dr. Akoto averred he is sure the SFO have text messages and recorded calls of the Airbus and the officials involved. Airbus agreed they have given out bribes to Ghanaian top officials during SFO’s investigation.
Airbus in a court ruling in the United Kingdom admitted to have paid bribes in certain countries which included Ghana for airline purchases.
A judgment from the Crown Court at Southwark, UK, indicted Ghana alleging that contrary to section 7 of the UK’s Bribery Act2010, Airbus failed to prevent its close associates or persons associated with them from “bribing others concerned with the purchase of military transport aircraft by the Government of Ghana, where the said bribery was intended to obtain or retain advantages in the conduct of business.”
This led to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to refer the case to the Office of the Special Prosecutor for inquiry.