All Hail The New Face Of UEW Following The Appointment Of A New VC, Rev. Father Prof. Anthony Afful-Boni

For some time now, the University of Education Winneba, (my alma matter), had been in the news for not good reasons owing largely to matters of gross maladministration, abuse of office, crass corruption and unbridled cronyism, staff discontent, community neglect, student upheaval, flagrant disregard for due process and the rule of law, institutionalized impunity and directionless governance among other official ills which were taking the shine away from this otherwise highly reputable University.

UEW, which is the only University in the West African subregion that was set up primarily to train and churn out PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS, was thus losing its enviable glory to this ugly spectacle due to the very excesses of the then VC, Professor Mawutor Avoke and some of his top management staff. It was always something negative to talk about. The UEW story was just not getting any better each passing moment. Also worthy of mention, was the matter of the illegality of the University’s governing Council.

Simply put, virtually everything was falling apart at the University until the timely intervention of some concerned stakeholders and citizens of Winneba led by one Supi Kofi Kwayera, a former Assembly Member, who filed a suit challenging the legality of the University governing Council and some of the actions of the Prof. Avoke-led management. The plaintiffs, as you know, were vindicated by the nation’s Supreme Court which upheld their position; a development that compelled government to set up new governing Councils in all public Universities in the country including UEW.

They didn’t end there in their unfaltering determination to restoring sanity in UEW. They went on to fight the corruption, the abuse of office, the ineptitude, the institutionalized impunity, the kleptomania, the unbridled cronyism, the community neglect and the directionless governance among others. They were of course, successful on each occasion as time had consistently vindicated them. The culmination of their success, I say without doubt, is the appointment of a new VC for the University, Rev. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, the First Catholic Reverend Father to occupy such prestigious position since the establishment of the University several decades ago.

I join the rest of the world particularly the students and alumni of the University to first of all, congratulate Rev. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni on his assumption of office (as acting VC and now substantive). It is also worth commending his illustrious efforts geared at changing the UEW narrative and chauffeuring the University on the path of progress and prosperity thereby restoring its lost glory even before his official investiture which has been scheduled for September 17, 2018.

You would notice that since Rev. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni took over as acting VC, the University has been witnessing a tremendous development particularly in its adherence to due process, zero tolerance for maladministration and timeous response to the needs and aspirations of the students and members of the University community at large. It is very clear from all indications that Rev Afful-Broni would go in history as the most successful VC of UEW.

We, the alumni, are very justified in our legitimate expectation of the learned professor, who “has seen it all” in the University, having risen through the ranks. He started as a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Centre for Educational Policy Studies. He rose through the ranks to become a Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and then Full Professor. Rev Anthony Afful-Broni also occupied the position of HOD of the Department of Psychology and then Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies.

He was later elected Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University for two consecutive terms and then as acting VC following the suspension of the then VC, Prof. Avoke. Clearly, as the most experienced and result-driven senior member of the University management, Rev Afful-Broni’s appointment as the substantive Vice Chancellor of the University doesn’t come as a surprise at all. With this vast experience he is bringing to the fore, you certainly cannot expect anything less than stellar; you certainly should expect UEW to REGAIN its past glory; you certainly should expect UEW to RISE again. And that is exactly what we are getting to the glory of our Maker.

Long live Rev. Prof. Afful-Broni!!
Long live UEW !!

Assalamu alaik..

Iddi Muhayu-Deen
An Old Student of UEW