Ali Suraj joins in the solemn Commemoration of the late Aliu Mahama

On November 16, 2012 the news of the sudden but sad demise of Alhaji Aliu Mahama was officially sent to town by the government mouth piece. I received the news just like any other Ghanaian with a heavy heart and great sentiment of melancholy. I had a more than frank and close nexus with the late Ex-Vice President. Indeed, the relationship we shared was paternal. I have been placed on a duty call by Alhaji Aliu from day one of his presidency to his call by the heavenly angels.

Today, marks the five years the honourable left us unannouncingly. It is always said that the highly demanded commodity of human doubles as that of Almighty Allah. Having been an hunchman of the late Aliu Mahama, I am yet to set my eye on an individual who has paid his dues to the cause of the NPP. His sacrifice for the party had no historical equivalent. Aliu Mahama was the worldly personification of an angel. His benevolence to his fellows was never questionable. He was a giver and richer in disposition.

Today as we commemorate the memory of the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama, it is more than necessary for the party to pick lessons from symbolic unifying life. I also intercede to the Almighty Allah to continue to guarantee him his peace and bosom.

Ali Suraj


Ali Suraj- Your Next National Nasara Coordinator, Insha Allah.