Advocacy by the silent grassroot majority -What NPP Party / Government needs to win elections 2020 and beyond

The 2016 elections are over. Our Party the NPP we all fought for won convincingly more than 54% in the presidential election and majority of the Parliamentary seats. Many factors contributed to these successes and key among them is EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP ROLE that some key actors exhibited. Leadership is not the “post” held by the virtue of being elected to fill in that position. It is the skills and competence that some individuals and party executives exhibited by motivating and influencing the electorates to campaign and vote massively for the party. This leadership role undoubtedly was a critical success factor in our 2016 electoral victory.

Yes! The elections are over. project 2016 has been successfully executed. Its a done deal in our favour.
Government has been constituted.

Some party Executives have been appointed to serve in government. Others have denied their appointments to do pure party works etc… All these are important to keep both government and party machinery running effectively. These appointments have created administrative vacancies in our party structures thereby allowing some party executives to step into those roles.

Per the party’s constitution, annual delegates conferences are being held across the constituencies which would be climaxed by the National Delegate Conference in Cape Coast in August 2017.

This would serve as a platform for policies and constitutional reforms to be discussed and accepted for the party. Then, the next major party activities would be the elections of Party Executives for the Constituencies, Regions as well as National to steer the affairs of the party at the various levels.

Yes, many of us are expecting much more from the party especially jobs jobs and jobs. However, we still place a higher premium to the upcoming elections that would be a spring board for the NPP to consolidate its electoral foundation and gains in Ghanaian political history. This we believe would bring massive progressive transformation and development to Ghana especially. In as much as we try to hold ourselves above pettiness, personal attacks, vile propaganda etc…that would later destroy our personal selves and the party, there are key qualities that the grassroots are advocating for and call on all delegates to consider in before choosing our next leaders if truly we want our party the NPP to win both presidential and parliamentary elections in 2020 and beyond.

Here, we make a few proposals and more will be proposed as new ideas come up along the journey

1 ✅Let us advocate for grassroots leaders as our next executives elections right from the Constituencies through to the Regional and National levels… Not wheel chair leaders. Not those who sit down in offices and do politics…

2. ✅Let us advocate for leaders who out of nothing can turn things work in favour of the party. Leaders who do not wait for party money and resources but ingeniously mobilize and generate resources to work for the party. Leaders who are not deterred by lack/inadequate money and resources but can work with people to achieve their tasks. Some one who sees party work beyond money.

3. ✅Let’s advocate for natural and skillful organizers and mobilizers. Great team players. Leaders who cut across the political divides, tribes, religion etc… Versatile leaders the people can easily identify and relate with. No boss boss leaders. Leader who can speak and understand the languages and sociocultural behavior of the people. Some one who is emotionally connected with the masses. Leaders who do not need “introduction”. Leaders that are Household names on the political front.

4. ✅Let us advocate for tried and tested leaders. Leaders that have track records. Leaders who have played critical roles as political citizens not spectators. Leaders who have been part of the war battle but not those who watched the ” war films” on the screen. Leaders who have been part of the Integral and Strategic Winning Team of both past and present elections especially, constituency and regional elections. Leaders who are game players as well as game changers. We need leaders who are both political Lionel Messis and Christiano Ronaldos
Leaders who are results oriented persons. Leaders who are ready to turn challenges into success factors. Leaders who sacrificed on the war front to bring the party to power.

5.✅ Let us advocate for leaders who can unite and work with every body as far as the common interest of the NPP is concerned. Selfless Leaders who are party men and work for the party but not for a faction of the party. True NPP persons who always support the decisions of the party and work to achieve them. Very loyal and trust worthy leaders.

6. ✅Let us advocate for leaders who understands the good policies that His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufu Addo’s government is implementing and can face the propaganda machinery that the NDC will be coming with in 2020 with facts

Many will agree with Advocacy for the Silent Grassroot Majority (ASGM) that both 2000 and 2016 elections were won with leaders with mixed of key skills and competence that have been enumerated. If we should consolidate our electoral fortunes as a party and to work well as a party in government, what delegates should look out for are leaders with these qualities. Even though we have some key National Executives denying key appointments for the interest of the party, it is very paramount we have solid political leaders especially at the Regional and Constituency levels to keep party activities vibrant and attractive. This is the surest way the NPP as a political organization could maintain its grounds with all key stakeholders in general elections as well as supporting the ruling NPP government to deliver on its campaign promises.2020 campaign starts now. Be part of it!

…… $igned…….