2018 Ghana Premier League To Be Played In The Morning Of The Day

The president of the Ghana football association Kwasi Nyantayi has
hinted the incoming 2018 Ghana premier league might be played in
mornings of the day unusual to the traditional afternoon fixtures.

Following the delay starts of football season in Ghana over the past
seasons, this has led to the Ghana premier league being behind the
world football calender.

The Ghana football president explained that due to the unsynchronized
nature of the Ghana football season with the rest of the world
football calender, if by june 2018 and the Ghana premier league has
not finished the first round of the league chances are that matches
will be played in the morning to avoid clashes with the world cup

“We hope to finish the first round
of the league before the world
cup starts but if that doesn’t
happen the Ghana football association could play some of the league
matches in the morning to avoid clashes with world cup matches”
President Kwesi Nyantakyi said in a conference at Cape coast where
brains have gathered to push for the forward-looking of Ghana

The 2016/17 Ghana football season just ended last October. According
to reports the 2017/18 is set to start in late February of 2018.

BY: Nazir Hamzah