Zylofon Arts Fund initiates interest free financial support to FIPAG

The film industry in Ghana is often met with financial challenges especially in the production of quality movies to serve the local market.

This has resulted in imported Telenovelas taking up our Television screens to the detriment of our local movie industry.

In a recently held meeting between executive council of the Film Producers Association Of Ghana (FIPAG) and Executives of Zylofon Arts Fund, in that said meeting an agreement was reached so the former could assess the latter’s initiative in bringing out quality content to meet local demands.

The Zylofon Arts Fund Board advisor Mr Socrate Sarfo who himself has an in dept knowledge in the movie industry said this initiative will go a long way to help take the burdensome financial troubles that goes with the industry.

The public relations officer of the film producers association of Ghana (FIPAG) Madam Rosaline Osei called on film producers who are currently not members to join to benefit the Zylofon Arts Fund which goes with several benefits.

The Fund which apart from the financial support also comes with equipment support like ultramodern cameras for the shooting of quality movies and creme dela creme caste for any FIPAG member who might need it to enrich his/her artworks.

The Zylofon Arts Fund executives also appealed against the use of Apps and television screening as a way of marketing their content and rather find innovative ways of doing it.

People will always find the easy way of watching movies to the detriment of the producer who has invested heavily and as such deny the film producer from recouping what he/she has invested.

The Interest free Zylofon Arts Funds initiative comes with some technical support from the company and they will also be helping producers to produce quality content to feed the local movie industry.