Your response to the training of thugs blew your cover – General Mosquito

According to the general secretary of the biggest opposition party NDC Johnson Asiedu Nketia, The response from the NPP government when accused of allegedly training thugs in Asutsuare to Ghanaians was vague.

“Ghanains were outlined with different answers from 3 sources when this training of thugs was exhumed, Firstly by multimedia. One was from the officer who denied ever training thugs at various training camps, Then later the NPP government came out, admitted  training people at the camp but  were just forestry guards and the latter response from Kwaku Baako was that training on going at Asutsuare was that of National security” general mosquito emphasised.

The general secretary of the NDC popularly known as general mosquito shared this view and other views concerning developmental issues in an exclusive interview when he graced the studios of Kessben FM today, as part of his activities in his tour to about 24 constituencies.

In his view,it would have being better and transparent if the Asutsuare training camp had given access to the media to their premises to film the activities on going on there. And it was only then that the NPP would had cleared themselves of the allegation .

He said “I don’t blame the soldiers for the denial of training of thugs at Asutsuare because a soldier is in no position to contradict a ruling government since the government is the commander of the armed forces but if they really wanted to help,they would have welcome the media with open arms to bring every happenings at their camp to light when they called on them”

By: Fathia Abrefa