Your Educational Background Can’t Take You Anywhere Without Humility, McBrown Motivates

Renowned actress Felicity Ama Agyemang, known in showbiz as Nana Ama McBrown believes that the only way life can make meaning with or without a higher educational background is through humility.
She believes, she has little to talk about on her education but, she boast of where she is now because her humility created the platform for her to meet great people.
According to the actress and musician, she does not feel shy of her educational background because not all have the chance to attend school so is a way to motivate other people.
“I don’t feel shy to say it because not everybody has the chance to go to school and even those that were able to are struggling now, so I always say it when I get the opportunity to motivate the younger once who are discouraged because they didn’t get the chance to attain any education”
Further, Nana Ama said she had the chance to work with great movie producers like miracle films because she was humble and hardworking.
“When I met miracle films, God gave me the humility and obedience to serve the man, so I believe even if you attain the highest level of education and you are not humble, you can’t make it, and if you have no or lower educational background and you are humble in the pursuit of your dream, you will be successful.”