Women should be submissive – Patriarchal Princesses International (PPI)

We the members of Patriarchal Princesses International also known as Sugardemministries are calling on all women to be submissive to men.

As an all female purpose- driven Organization, it’s our ultimate priority to conserve, restore and uphold moral values to enrich the human experience for the benefit of all.

We are making this clarion call because it has come to our notice that, some people are polluting the minds of other women by preaching false doctrines in the name of “feminism”.

Throughout history, we agree some men abused their purposes and mistreated some women terribly. It was so unfair.

Again, We know a section of society took the intrinsic differences between males and females and distorted them. We don’t support that.

Last but not least, we believe some of our cultural hang -ups about women were wrong.
We feel bad about such dehumanizing activities.

But in our spirited and noble efforts in searching for peace in our homes and the public space, we should not antagonise men and the society!

Its high time women understood that, aside dominion that God gave both the male and the female equal rights, the purpose and design of Men are far different from Women.

Men no matter their age, have the legal mandate to ” Lord” over women and it is the role of women to submit to men.

God in his infinite wisdom gave both the male and Female dominion to subdue the earth. This means both the male and the female are at liberty to achieve their aims on earth to the highest level to the Glory of their Maker.

Nonetheless, high academic laurels and elevated social status doesn’t give a woman legal grounds to maltreat, attack or be disrespectful to men.

A woman must submit to a man’s authority. Submission doesn’t mean a woman should be weak, compromise her moral values or tell lies.

Submission simply means to “SERVE” instead of being “SERVED”. Servitude is not Slavery, its mandatory for women. Women are multi- tasking; Men are not.

Again, Married women should cook for their husbands, wash dirty dishes, clean their homes, lay their beds etc without murmuring.

To sum it all, we urge all women to be submissive to all men around them to enhance quality lives and harmony for all as we age.




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