Executives of Women in Business and Tourism pay a Courtesy Call on Hon Minister of Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture to welcome her to her new role as the Minister of Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture. The Executive team was led by the President of Women in Business and Tourism Miss Eunice Ogbugo, the Vice President, Secretary ,Treasurer, Organiser, Media and Publicity.

Members of the Group recently visited South Africa for Africa’s Travel Indaba and the Women in Tourism Dinner that was held there where members of Women in Business and Tourism from other SADC countries such as Botswana ,Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Angola were present including Ghana and Nigeria representing West Africa.

The theme for the Women in Business and Tourism dinner was ” promoting Agrotourism” and was held on a strawberry and kiwi farm which was owned by a woman , the full course dinner was prepared by a female chef and female assistants, the wines drank were produced by a woman owned grape farm and winery, the ingredients to cook were from farms owned by women ,etc
The Group also just returned from Angola where the World Tourism Forum was held and talks were also held with potential Women in Business and Tourism Members in Angola for the official launch of Women in Business and Tourism Angola Chapter.

The Group informed the Honourable Minister of their plans to officially launch the Women in Business and Tourism Ghana Chapter and West Africa or Ecowas Chapter in Ghana on the 28th of June 2019 at which they have requested the presence of the Honourable Minister to give a keynote address as her Ministry is one of the umbrella ministries they fall under or work hand in hand with. The other Ministries the group works under are the Ministry of Business Development, The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Group also informed the Minister of how it is all aligned to various Embassies and diplomatic missions as well as various Chamber of Commerce bodies as the aim or objective of the Group is to encourage Entrepreneurship and Business ownership among women and not only on the small scale or employees but on the larger scale of Ownership of examples hotel chains, airlines, restaurant chains, resorts, etc etc.

The Group also informed the Minister of the reason for the name Women in Business and Tourism because Tourism is multi sectoral and works hand in hand with various sectors such as construction,telecom, banking and finance, health and wellness, fashion industries , hospitality , beauty, agriculture , aviation ,etc etc not forgetting the services such as law, accounting, etc etc. The President informed the Minister that their group comprised women owning companies or businesses in all these various sectors including the Tourism industry.

The President on behalf of the Group mentioned to Minister their plans to have a United front as African Business Women by connecting with Women from all across Africa such as in the SADC region( Southern Africa), ECOWAS region( West Africa), Sahel Sahara Region( North Africa), Eastern African Community ( East Africa) and Economic Community of Central Africa States( ECCAS).

This they plan on doing by launching the Group in these 5 African Regions starting with West Africa in Ghana on the 28th of June and over the course of the next 4 months, the other regions will be launched and in November during the UNWTO WOMEN IN TOURISM SUMMIT to be held here in Ghana, the Women in Business and Tourism Africa will be launched
The main objective of the Group is to see to the ownership of Businesses by women, expansion of existing businesses from Small scale to large enterprises, diversification from one Business into other businesses or other business sectors or areas , and expansion beyond the borders of our various countries into other Africa Countries. This we hope to achieve by organizing our own Tourism and Business/investment programs, and participating in various Tourism and investment programs,forums and conferences worldwide and also networking to obtain partnerships from our fellow African Women for joint ventures,mergers and investments all across Africa and even beyond into other continents .

This we believe will increase Business turnovers, create employment, improve the economic well being of individuals, families and our countries as there would also be accelerated development as a result of our businesses operations generating more revenue for Government as we will pay bigger taxes.