Why The Party and Delegates Should Vote Joyce Zempare As NPP Next Women’s Organizer?

The political battle leading to 2016 elections is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians especially supporters of our great Party the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and it’s sympathizers. Indeed, this experience and memoirs should guide us into how we select the next Leadership especially, the Army Commander of the Women’s Wing-the National Women’s Organizer(NWO).

The role of the NWO is very broad and engaging which requires an excellent mix of skills and competencies to effectively execute that mandate well.

Two key areas are Communication- which is a very powerful tool for every Organizer be it a the Constituency, Regional or National Level and Grounds Work/Mobilization skills.

Hon. Joyce Zempare is the only woman who has excellently demonstrated these keys traits over her political career having passed through the mills from Polling Station through Constituency and Regional as an Elected Executive in all the positions making her well experienced in how to win elections. An Army Commander is the one who has been in and tasted the battlefields and knows the nitty gritty on how to win against opposition.

It is very true that, currently, the Party has only very few political women who are engaged in the media landscape. The media being an effective tool for political parties to sell their products should always have strong politically inclined women who are up to task to engage the media when the need be.

Women empowerment especially in politics has taken a global shape and this demands that, the Party always have a figure head of the Women’s Wing who is ever ready to meet the challenges of the women’s wing both local and international. A woman who is multi lingual and can speak and articulate both party and government policies on any platforms when given the opportunity is what the party has to consider.

It is no doubt that, Hon. Joyce Zempare who has and continue to demonstrate this critical trait at any given moment. Besides English, she speaks fluently six local languages making her easily identified with most of our women across the country. Thus, the best and surest bet candidate for the National Women’s Organizer of our great Party.

Vote Number 2 for Joyce Zempare

By:Team Joyce Zempare