Why 14th February? -Phoebe Martekie Doku

“Valentine’s day”,”chocolate day” for short “val’s day” also known by others is an important day in the lives of many. According to google,”it’s an annual festival to celebrate romantic love,friendship and admiration”.The day of this celebration is 14th February.

The colour red symbolizes love and as such, red is the colour for this celebration.How do you celebrate Val’s day?Are you the type who gives out bouquets of red roses,gaint boxes of chocolates,hampers and other special treats only on val’s day?

Well if I am to answer that, I would say it is a normal day to me.I celebrate val’s day everyday so I don’t know why I should stress over it on 14th February too lol. Should you give out gifts and express love to families, friends and partners only on 14th February?. Don’t wait to give them that special treat on 14th February. However, have you ever wondered how our predecessors celebrated this day?Were they expressing love only on 14th February?

Were they only “impressing” their loved ones on val’s day?”impressing“ in the sense that most people try to impress their partners, friends and families due to the pressures by others, forgetting “all fingers are not the same”. Most people get gifts and treats that are off their budgets in other to impress others.14th February has become soo important that most people get offended when they are not given gifts or special treats on 14th February. Most people’s expectations on valentine’s day has collapsed their relationships. How do you celebrate val’s day? Do you celebrate to impress or to express?
Indulging in a luxury hotel with your partner, proposing marriage on Valentine’s Day could be done any other day or if possible everyday.

Whatever your method is,do it and make sure you express not to impress.