Who The Cap Fit Let Him Wear It- NDC Delegates

WHO THE CAP FIT LET HIM WEAR IT- NComing events they say cast their shadows and it is important for the NDC delegates in Ashanti region to think deeply and make the best choice out of the aspirants vying for the vacant chairmanship position now that they are in opposition and they are looking forward to work tirelessly to wrestle power from their main rivals the New Patriotic Party in the next general elections.
If indeed the choice we make today in life determines the outcome of what our future will be tomorrow then same can be said when it comes to politics and it is better and befitting to give the nod to who the cap fit to wear it as Joseph Yammin is the only aspirant capable of championing the course of victory for the NDC in the next general elections slated for 2020.
This is the opportune time for NDC delegates in Ashanti region to show their unflinching support and love for their humble servant Joseph Yammin who has diligently serve the party in truth and in sincerity from the grassroots level up to the top offices he had the privilege of serving not because he was rich or handsome but through his hard work toward achieving the best for his beloved and cherished party.
The NDC is fortunate to have such an outstanding personality who has the charisma, zeal, aura and aroma to pull more votes for the party in NPP’s strong hold in general elections. In the year 2004 and 2008 the party gave him the chance of contesting the parliamentary seat in Kwadaso and based on his hard work the party thought it wise to give him the nod to be the party’s general secretary from 2009 to 2014. He was able to help NDC secure about 600000 votes in the 2012 general elections which is an unprecedented feat the party has achieved so far in Ashanti region that is a hallmark of a visionary leader.
Joseph Yammin’s hard work for the party spoke for him that was why he got the chance to serve in high positions in government as the Ashanti Regional Deputy Minister and Deputy Sports Minister respectively, which clearly shows he has passed through the ranks and he has acquired a lot of experience. His competitors do not have what it takes to bring on board strategies that would help the party build a formidable force in the Ashanti region to increase the total number of people who will vote for them to clinch victory.

His human relation with the grassroots which is the backbone of every political party was very cordial and they themselves will attest to the fact that he was sociable, accessible, approachable, and always willing to solve their little problems for them. Some grassroots members who had qualification to fit into some institutions were assisted and they are now earning a living and since he has the grassroots at heart and for that matter he is coming to move along with them to help him bring the NDC back to the reins of government.
As some people normally say “A king’s child is the one whose father is alive” and if NDC delegates push him to become the party’s regional chairman to help him achieve his ultimate vision, that is victory 2020 he will not eat and let them go hungry at all. What he has on his sleeves to offer on the table is credible and dedicated leadership coupled with hard work which will not only keep him only in the office just because he is the regional chairman but he will move to the ground and gather people to win more souls for the party now the NPP seems to be struggling with controlling the boat.
He believes in the fact that when a seat becomes vacant in a family brothers do struggle for it but only one of them will have the chance to lead the family and it is not different in politics so I will call on my competitors to put on the table what they have achieved so far for the party for the delegates to see if their track record supersedes mine.
It is sad when we say we love ourselves as brothers who belong to one family and yet looking for a chance to serve our members and the people of Ghana at large a candidate who foresees defeat will use violence in attacking his fellow party supporters simply because they belong to my camp. Joseph Yammin has shown that he is a true democrat with a sense of maturity when it comes to politics that was why he did not retaliate as if he had retaliated it would have only destroyed the good name and ambitions of the party.
If indeed the NDC party wants to match NPP boot for boot in Ashanti region then Joseph Yammin is undoubtedly the man who is fit enough to wear the cap. He has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that among his competitors he stands tall when it comes to track record with regards to positions each of them have served in the party before, and his love for the party is unquestionable.
This particular contest is very crucial and as such it is important not to be swayed by people who will come and offer you money even though they know from within their heart that they are not capable of winning more votes for the party in this region. In the interest of our great party it would be appropriate to choose a Chairman that will also devote some of his time to go on radio and television stations to champion the course of the party. He looks ready to embrace all his competitors and work with them if he is choosing as the man to lead the party in the region. Joseph Yammin is the man whom the cap fits so he has to be given the nod to enable the party wrestle power come 2020 general election NDC delegates. Ricky Nash – New Zongo- Asawasi