Upper East TESCON WOCOMS Thanks Kamal-Deen NPP National Youth Organizer hopeful

We the TESCON women commissioner’s in the upper East region salute your advocacy for Tescon wocoms nationwide towards the upcoming regional and national elections of the elephant family. In fact,being the voice for we the voiceless at the NEC clearly defined your readiness to lead we the youth.

TESCON form part of the NPP fraternity to which Wocoms forms part but all the time much attention is paid to the presidents alone. Today, through your competent character, a Keen attention is given to us all,we say Ayekoo, Barika, Tepoheya pam, Akinle naa to your great advocacy.

Truly, when we heard that we the wocoms in the various tertiary institutions have been exempted from voting, we felt so ashamed and neglected. Gender equality and women’s empowerment has been prove to an accelerator for the achievement of sustainable development goals in every society. We are confident that, what you have done for us will pave a way and also be a motivational platform for more women to join campus politics.

On behalf of all wocoms in the upper East region, we say we admired your competent and intelligence level in leadership and deep understanding in gender equality and women’s empowerment. Your recognition in such important issues has restored our commitment and confidence in TESCON activities. we are grateful to you for given us equal voting right in this noble fraternity which we believe would leave a positive impact on all TESCON women.
May the Almighty, the most gracious and the most merciful shower his blessings on you and continue to lead you in all your endeavors

Long live NPP
Long live TESCON
long live TESCON wovoms
Long live Hon. Kamaldeen Abdullai

Signed…..🖊 and endorsed..👍👍👍👍👍🕹 by all Wocoms in the Upper East region.

Nti Nkansah Ivy
Zuarungu NTC

Nadia Addo Adobea
CHNTC – Navrongo

Alimah Bramah
Pusiga Teacher Training College

Anaaba Sarah
Bolgatanga Polytechnic

Adolenaba Mary
Bolgatanga NTC

Mohammed Hikimah
Bawku NTC

Amidu Zuwera
St John Boscos college of Education – Navrongo

Cheryl Aidoo
UDS – Navrongo