Ultimate Mother For All Team – Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam

The Ultimate Mother For All Team led by *PHILOMENA SERWAA AKOTO SAM* share the opinion that in the 21st Century, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) should not limit itself to the agenda of only sharpening policies, sponsoring candidates for national general elections and mobilizing members for the wrestling of Political Power.

On that basis, *Philomena Serwaa Akoto Sam*, the *National Vice-Chairperson Hopeful* when elected by the Delegates of the Party will propose to the National Steering Committee, National Executive Committee and National Council for consideration, adoption and implementation of:

1. *DBD (Danquah-Busia-Dombo) Scholarship Secretariat.*

The *DBD Scholarship Secretariat* will mobilize resources from the Members of Parliament, Government Appointees and Financiers of the Party to provide the following services to the members of the Party:
a) Provide full scholarship to Executives at the Polling Station, Electoral Area, Constituency and Regional to further their Education up to the First Degree Level.
b)Provide financial support to the Tescon Members (both Past & Present) who are struggling to finance their Professional and Post-graduate Programs.
c) To partner with the Danquah Institute to train cardbearing members of the Party about the History, Ideology and Tradition of the New Patriotic Party.

2. *CSR Centre*

The Corporate Social Responsibility Centre will offer support to the Prisons, Orphanages, Aged, Hospitals, Deprived Schools, Disables, Rural Areas/Villages, Zongos, street children and Widows.

This initiative will help the Party to become more attractive to the grassroots, floating voters, first-time voters and Ghanaians in general. This will increase the electoral fortunes of the Party during National General Elections and By-Elections.

In the 21st Century, Political Parties must endeavour to empower their members:
1. Economically
2. Intellectually
3. Socially
4. Financially
5. Politically(Winning Power to Govern).

Vote *PHILOMENA SERWAA AKOTO SAM* as the *National Vice-Chairperson*

*#Emmere No Nie*

*# Osoro BeKasa*

*#God is our Victory*