Be Truthful ! Kamal-Deen Jabs Former President Mahama on His “Juicy Campaign Promises” Statement

Kamal-Deen Abdulai, the National Nasara Coordinator of the ruling New Patriotic Party has taken a swipe on a statement made by Former President John Mahama during the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s ‘Unity’ Walk in Tarkwa in the Western Region on Saturday.

The former President speaking at the NDC’s ‘Unity’ walk said he had all the opportunities to compete with the NPP for the wildest promises during the 2016 polls but he declined the temptation and turned down suggestions to follow that trajectory.

“Several people came to tell me to make promises as was done by the NPP but I told them I was not trained that way [and] if I can’t do it I won’t make a promise”, he said.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Kamal-Deen who is seeking to become the ruling party’s next National Youth Organiser stated that President Mahama is the one who made so many promises in this country that he even promised not to promise again, a promise which he couldn’t fulfill.

“President Mahama promised to build 200 free SHS and couldn’t build even 50 of them. This is a man who promised to establish a Provident Fund for aging artistes and never fulfilled it. This is a man who after failing woefully on his promise of one laptop per child ran to town to promise one tablet per child. This is a man who promised to establish an independent fraud investigator [independent of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice] with powers to initiate prosecution on his (investigator’s) own to deal with corruption and failed. This is a man who pledged in 2012 to maintain a GDP growth of at least 8% per annum; maintain a single digit inflation rate; reduce fiscal deficit to 5% of GDP; increase per capita income from about $1600 to $2300 by 2017; and improve the international reserve to four months of import cover which he failed.

This is a man who promised and kept on failing in his promises to the extent that his own man, Kwasi Pratt feared for him.”he said adding that if this man says he didn’t want to be promising in the run up to the election, that is an outright lie.

Kamal-Deen added that president Mahama made a lot of promises except that Ghanaians didn’t believe in him after 8years of his mismanagement and that makes him think because Ghanaians didn’t care about him and didn’t payU heed to his promises so he can lie to everybody.

He advised the former president to stop peddling falsehoods about the government and concentrate on rebuilding his image if he wishes to contest again in 2020.