Traffic light broken; Motorists, pedestrians in danger

Traffic signals have been immensely complementary of the Ghana Police Service, in their effort to ensure that Road Traffic Rules and Regulations are strictly adhered to. The mal-functioning of most of the traffic lights in the Country has become a major problem for pedestrians and motorists.

A traffic light on the Asafo interchange on the knust – Adum road that was destroyed in a motor accident about a week ago has not been replaced, thus exposing motorists and pedestrians to danger.

Ironically, the danger zone is a few meters away from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly headquarters.

The over-speeding ambulance that destroyed the traffic light was never questioned not even by the M.T.T.D personnel present at the scene at that moment.

Kessben News has taken it upon itself to bring the seriousness of this issue to Ghanaians by doing an inspection on the sofoline interchange. Our observations have shown that most of the Traffic lights along this important corridor are not properly functioning. In fact, some of these run down Traffic lights have been in that sordid condition for over a long period.

The questions we are asking are ; which body is in charge of these Traffic lights; whose duty is it to promptly respond to broken down Traffic lights; are there any hotlines for members of the public to inform the appropriate bodies when Traffic lights are out of order.

Or are we waiting for a major accident to occur, resulting in deaths and destruction to properties, before we act!