The desires of many people to achieve particular goals in life are often truncated with regrettable results beyond control due to bad decissions or unguided choices of turn in early life.

Esther is a 17year old former Junior High School student of New Akrofrom in the Adansi south of Ashanti with a regretable story to share. Esther lamented her situation in an encounter with Frema Brefo the presenter of ‘Mmabunu Nsem’ on Kessben TV when she appeared on the show to share her experience with the youth of her age and to advice them to avoid falling victim to her circumstance.

The genesis of her situation, she said was during school when she had no support or very little from her parents and “had no option than to take a boyfriend who could assist me to afford some expenses because my parents often disappointed me anytime the need for momey arose due to the nature of their business”. “I befriended this phone seller who would  help me but on conditions of having sex with me which ended in an unplanned pregnancy”.

Esther at the moment is faced with many social, health and economic challenges as she is striving with no help from the man who impregnated her to make ends meet for herself and cater for the new born baby all by herself. Knowledge of child care and nursing is nothing she has the slightest idea of and help from her extended relations is not the issue to speak to her of.

The hope of continuing schooling after child birth for young mothers is non existent in our sub region. The process of reintegrating young mothers (girl-mothers) back into society for them to have meaningful sustenance of livelihood have so many challenges in-built and introduced such that governments find it almost a taboo to go near.

Victims of early motherhood (who themselves need care and attention) find themselves saddled with babies at early ages in life are often left to battle with on their own for survival with lityle or no support from anybody.   A lot of these battles yielding no results oe very little successes over the years have also impeded the progress of literacy and education over the years, thereby producing semi literate citizens in modern time and eras when literacy should be a common factor of identification of any modern society.

Government, NGOs, all stakeholders and society at large must heed to the call and rise up to the challenge posed by the lack of avenues for developing the girl mother after early child birth and attend to these situations in order to save a situation of society falling back into mediaval time illiteracy whilst surrounded by modernity and social advancement.

Story: Randy Jay Abubakar