Towards Reducing The Carnage Of Accidents On Ghanaian Roads

The desire of every citizen in Ghana is to travel or have a close associate travel and arrive safely. It is the right of an individual to feel safe using any means of transport or any channel of transportation in the country.
The spate of accidents on our highways and minor roads in the cities however tend to make these desires and rights a phantom expectation. A nightmare of wishful thinking to see-off a loved one and expect the same to arrive at desired destination intact or without a story of near encounter with death on the road.
What are the basic causes of most accidents on our roads and how can they be checked or curtailed?

Who are the operators of the various means of transport on our roads and their state or level of mental alertness and intelligence? How have the key players in the road transportation system been all trained to cooperate, coordinate and function? What is the state of the road and transport infrastructure we have in the country? What efforts are being made by the state agencies, authorities, social groups and individuals to curb the menace? Do we really have a challenge on hand? Do we believe the solution is within our reach or that they are the mere acts of some extra terrestrial forces and we must continue to be at their mercy till they take their due and leave us be one day?
We need sanity on our roads and the call is to all and sundry to get involved. The talks and road safety campaigns are becoming ritualistic and sounding more rhetoric.

The arrests and display of road offenders are more of déjà-vu than any other repetitive activity. Some drivers must be off our roads. Some vehicles must be sent to the scrappers, some roads need to be lighted at night, some speed check devices installed at accident prone areas and emergency accident services activated on some roads.
Until the day we will wake up and question why policemen stand at every turn and curve on our roads, why every vehicle on the road is road worthy, every driver understands basic road signs, why there are so many driving schools and still we have avoidable accidents due to negligence? The desire of safety on our roads will continue to be a national challenge and a nightmare relived.