To the attention of National Security and BNI – An Oil & Gas Priority

It baffles me to note that incorruptible people in our government are being taken on by dastards from beyond with sponsorship from within. Julius Nii Kootse and Boutrous Andy of the NDC are being fingered in the campaign against the NPA Boss, according to sources. It is, also, alleged that some overlords of landguards are paying to have this man removed from office.

The recent poorly crafted propaganda laden with atrocious lies against Hassan Tampuli was masterminded by the very people whose livelihoods from illicit oil and gas smuggling have been curtailed by this brave man. It is a well-known fact that, hitherto, bunkering went on using smuggled fuel. It is, also, known that NDC big men like Asiedu Nketia, Okudzeto Ablakwa, et al, allegedly dealt in fuel smuggling where unmarked fuel meant for re-export to land-logged neighbouring countries were diverted and sold on the local market at a slightly discounted price, causing massive drain of the nation’s money.

Until the advent of Hassan Tampuli, these pseudo businesses were being managed by pseuds in the industry who would go to all criminal extents to protect their illegal activities. Hassan has, thus far, managed to stem the movements of these mafia smugglers to a discomforting level. This has caused the Mafioso tricksters to be concerned enough to start a propaganda war.

But how can we improve in this country if we do not stop the wickedness? How can we make a positive impact on posterity if we cannot discipline ourselves enough to be responsible citizens? How can we make this country the shining star of Africa, if we have to capitulate to our fantasies and greed? How can we be proud Ghanaians if we cannot think of the nation first before our stomachs?

I am sounding a warning to my brothers and sisters in the larger Ghanaian community that I will not relent in naming and shaming the idiots from our camp who are doing their own bidding and that of the NDC miscreants. As is true with all political parties, some members of mine are only interested in making money irrespective of how or where it comes from, building KVIP toilets and selling left over party property from campaigns in certain instances.
I urge the National Security and BNI to pick up Julius Nii Kootse and Boutrous Andy. Make them confess the names of the traitors from within my party, the NPP. Then prosecute and jail them for trying to derail the good governance that we are seeing under His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. As it is now, we are in a state of mourning over the loss of an illustrious son of the land, Busumuru Kofi Atta Anan, and, I believe, we owe it to the noble leaders of this country who have battled relentlessly to make Ghana proud to stop the shenanigans of charlatans as Julius and Boutrous.

I will not, for as long as my pen is made of piperine, stay silent on such desultory issues that have caused many, locally and internationally, to cringe at the filth we are smearing democracy and decent politics with. It would seem to me that in Ghana, we need “Limited Defined Democracy” – LDD. Read the book, “59 Years to Nowhere and Counting…the future is now”!

This is the last article I am writing in a diplomatic manner as such. The next one will be a disastrous exposé. Those of you who know, know!!!


Source:Fadi Dabbousi