Tinkaro Asare Osei, Ghana’s representative to the Commonwealth Students’ Association and President of the National Union of Ghana Students will on Wednesday 11th September 2019 launch a book on student leadership, politics and it’s related matters.

The book discusses mainly, the involvement of the author in activities during his days as a Student Leader; recounts his campaign to be the President of the National Union of Ghana Students, what he has undertaken since his election and how together with him team, has been able to lift the fortunes of the Student body by bringing on board all factions who have held parallel administrations and have disputed each other’s legitimacy to preside over the affairs of NUGS.

The book recounts the gradual, sequential steps taken at every point in time and sets out lessons for the next generation to learn from which atavistically will serve as a memoir of all students and youth who wish to obtain insights at the National Union of Ghana Students in order to live the tenets of leadership.

The desire and aim of Tinkaro’s book, “The Force of Will: Restoring the Lost Glory of NUGS” is encapsulated in the excerpt below:
“The National Union of Ghana Students is the mother association of all student bodies in Ghana. In times past, it was a unit of change that inspired confidence in being Ghanaian and echoed the strength of the Ghanaian identity with her ability to demand and influence change on national issues. Overtime however, it lost its potency and pedestal and was reduced to a tool of scorn and shame. This book recounts the steps I took, with support of several others to attempt a restoration of NUGS to its former glory. It presents focus on the strength that is available when the will is present. It is a viable material for anyone contemplating change in a difficult or improbable situation and would serve as a refreshing manual for student leaders or anyone aspiring to hold a position in student governance”

The book is set to be launched at the Vice Chancellor’s Ghana Auditorium AROUND UPSA.