Three principal National Nasara Coordinator contenders engage in debate

In the genuine spirits and bent resolve for good governance where issues based engagements dominates the domain of political discussions in an electioneering, it is more than a necessity to bring candidates on a fair and equal ground to inform the choice of delegates. One of the most sought after Television Networks in Ghana, Kantanka Television is staging a debate among the three top most hopefuls of the National Nasara Coordinator job of the great faith of Danquah-Busia-Dombo which is a novelty of its kind in the circles of Nasara coordinatorship politics.

The American Psychologist Henry Cloud puts it more primly, properly and practically. He intimated ” If you are building a culture where honest expectations are communicated and peer accountability is the norm, then the society will be able to address her poor performance and attitudes”.

The trio hopefuls for the National Nasara Coordinatorship will be enpanelled live on Kantanka TV tomorrow if it meets the will of Allah at exactly 9pm. The indefatigable, tenacious and adroit Mr Ali Suraj and the rest who are Mr Aziz Futa and Haruna with Osuman Guarantee as the host.

Mr Ali Suraj still maintain his unwavering trust in the ambitios of Zongos. He believes we must be able to win the fight against illiteracy in Zongos, build a moral high ground and hone the entrepreneurial skill of Zongos to stem the tide of poverty. He is convinced these among others will chart a fertile ground for uplifting the living standards of the good people of Zongos.

The programme is a never miss and please endeavor to have a flavor. Do not be on the wait for anybody to give you the brief. Join if you can tomorrow at 9pm on Kantanka TV sharp.


Ali Suraj- Your Next National Nasara Coordinator, Insha Allah.