I think about the industry more than myself…..Joseph Mensah


The embittered Actor, Musician and Movie producer, Joseph Mensah was resentful about a selected producers to meet President mahama on his campaign tour in Kumasi.

According to Joseph Mensah, their P.R.O Michael Ola never informed them that president Mahama’s invite of Movie Producers at the Regional Coordinating Council. A colleague called to inform him which he never took it kindly and it purported that the President doled out cash to them.

On their WhatsApp platform, he took an advantage to ask for an explanation when one of their members Rockson insulted him severely.

Further explanation from their PRO, for FILM PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (FIPAG), OLA said President Mahama met and had a party with only those producers who consoled him during his mother’s funeral at Tamale but not purposely for the Movie Producers.

Joseph was disillusioned by their leaders who think about themselves more than the industry and he thinks their leaders should have allowed them all to meet President because President Mahama is tolerant and ready to listen to their grievances he concluded.


credit: Leticia Asante