There is nothing wrong with our movie industry – Tracy boakye

Actress cum producer, Tracey Boakye has rubbish claims that the Ghanaian movie industry is in the decline and has become unattractive to investors.

According to her, investors and followers of the movie industry now have eyes for good and quality content.

For some time now players in the creative arts industry have on various media platforms describe the creative industry as not paying off because of its decline but the CEO of Shakira Movie Productions says producers that provide good content does not see a decline but a rise.

” There is nothing wrong with the industry when I produced ‘devil between my legs’ they said they industry is declining yet the turn out was massive. The most important thing is for producers to bring good movies, as am talking to you my new movie ‘Baby Mama’ is sold out and there is pressure for more tickets. People know that Shakira productions always come out with good movies so when I produce a movie people rush for it, so do a movie and do it do.”

She further revealed that the industry has now become easy for producers because of the mode of sale.

“Now is easy to produce a movie, at first after you produce a movie, you would have to move from one distributor to another just to collect your money but now things have change, movies that I produced 5 years ago is still fetching me money on YouTube and other foreign channels, so I get paid even as I sleep.” she said, meanwhile, emphasizing that it has to be to satisfaction.

Tracey is on a media tour with her current movie ‘Baby Mama’ and when asked why most of her movies have a lot of romantic scenes in them, she revealed that such crop of movies suits the current system.

“We have a problem, we don’t follow the trend that’s why we are always left behind. We act on what is trending especially amongst the youth. If my movie had been about culture, who would have bought the tickets? everybody wants something to release stress and to make them happy. therefore do something that will attract people to your work”

A few weeks ago, there was a video circulating about the actress telling Ghanaians how she would send a man away after ‘using’ him to her satisfaction. The reactions of some Ghanaians outraged her to come out to speak for her self and clear out all misconceptions saying it was just a joke.

By: Derrick Ofori/