There Is Nothing Like “Bolga Bull Dogs” In The NPP Upper East Regional Youth Chapter

It has come to my notice that some persons on our media stations continuously and without any basis link a vigilante group, called the “the Bolga Bull Dogs” to the NPP Upper East Regional Youth Wing. As the Regional Youth Organiser, I wish to state emphatically that there is no such vigilante unit in our ranks.

I wish to stress that, the NPP Upper East Regional Youth Wing is law abiding and do not or would not in any way be engage in any form of lawlessness.

In this effect, I make this clear statement to the persons who go on Radio or TV, and also to all media platforms to discontinue linking the youth wing to any form of such group or persons.

Again, I stress without any hesitations that the members of “Bolga Bull Dogs”, if indeed they exist, should be held accountable of any form of lawlessness or violence they may get themselves involved in.

The Upper East Regional Youth of the NPP do not know any members or such group and hence, none of their self-seeking operations should be linked to us.

We also dare persons or section of the media which keep on linking this group to the NPP Upper East Youth Wing to come out clearly with the names of the members or leaders of this vigilante unit, so we could deal with them appropriately.

But, untill they provide us with the names of these persons, we expect everyone to cease linking the Bolga Bull Dogs to the NPP Upper East Regional Youth Wing without any defining basis.

Latif Solomon
Upper East Regional Youth Organiser, NPP.