The University of Education, Winneba last year witnessed a power struggle which led to the dismissal of immediate past Vice-Chancellor (V-C), Prof Mawutor Avoke and made way for the current V.C Rev Fr. Professor Anthony Afful-Broni.


Concerned students and alumni of the university embarked on various demonstrations seeking for the resignation of the current V-C, Leader of the concerned students and alumni of University of education winneba, Victor Osei Agyapong, in an interview with Kessben Media said their decision to embark on the demonstration was to show their grieve on the actions of the V-C, which they believe is a plot to dent the image of the school which the demoted lecturers had helped attain.


According to him, the current V-C of the institution has taken upon himself to demote lecturers and workers of the institution who had help bestow the good image of the school because some of these lecturers had been opposing to some of the decisions he implemented after assuming office as acting Vice-Chancellor and now as the current Vice-Chancellor


“Rev Fr. Professor Anthony Afful-Broni claims some of these lecturers did not use the internal mechanism of the school when they went to court, which we also believe is nothing new because he also didn’t use the internal mechanisms before making some of his decisions. so, if he can demote someone because of that he also does not deserve to be V-C”

“these demoted lecturers have done nothing wrong, they are only demoted because there was an on-going election in the school which they also believed did not conform to the structures of the school and staged a walkout, does that call for a demotion?” he quizzed.


Victor Agyapong further revealed, that the current V.C Rev Fr. Professor Anthony Afful-Broni denied some alumni admission to do their master’s program because he believes they were against him.


“He assigned policemen to beat up students of the school who did not agree to some of his decisions, some of the concerned students of the institution also bought forms to do their master’s degree and he connives for them to be taken out just because they have also been against some of his decisions.”


Speaking in an interview on Maakye, aired on Kessben Tv/Kessben FM, Victor Agyeman reiterated that the current V-C is walking in the footsteps of the immediate pass V-C which led to his resignation.


“We have started demonstrating, we will do it till he resigns, though the minister of education has asked us to be calm, we can’t be calm if the V-C hasn’t resigned and also if the demoted lecturers are not brought back to their office. All we are asking from the VC is for him to resign because we can’t tolerate his acts, he is repeating the acts of the former VC, these same acts led the former VC of the school resign.,” he said.


By: Ofori