The Proposed Oti Region: Time For Our Ewe Chiefs To Get Positively Engaged – Seth Dogbe

It’s time for Ewe Chiefs to put everything aside and get on board with our dear President Nana Akufo Addo and his government. Not for politics, but for exciting times in terms of national development and for people getting their fair share of the pie. A royal as he is in his own right both maternally and paternally, he will open up to our Ewe chiefs instinctively and interactively, if properly approached. Positive engagement is the way to go and our Ewe chiefs need to recognize this and shift gear, instead of attacking the very people who meant so well.

First of all, the proposed Oti region is now at an advanced stage and our dear Ewe chiefs must be more accommodating than hostile towards it.

So far, the controversies generated as a result of Voltarian reactions to the proposed creation of Oti region leave so much to be desired. This is because there will be a whole lot left at the table more than Volta region could ever ask for. It painfully reminds us of the near lynching of Victor Owusu over a very ‘innocent-looking’ political comment taken out of context. Great Statesman Victor Owusu in his peaceful untormented grave, may not be desecrated now. But then, one wonders who gets a fair trial in a chief’s court in Eweland, especially when that chief is stuck in his own opinion? One also wonders whether Ewe chiefs can take home anything worthwhile from any negotiating table.

The fact remains that our dear President of the Republic and Justice Brobbey and his Review Commission should never have been drawn so negatively into the Oti controversy.

Special Appeal

The Association of Ewe Chiefs must tone down on the Oti controversy and simply wish the chiefs and people on the Oti side well in the daunting electoral task ahead of them. Being in association is already a very positive start for our Ewe chiefs. They must use this association to actively seek unity among themselves. The next Volta Regional House of Chiefs could even take on a new look, a new structure to reflect this active search for strong bonding and unity of purpose among the chiefs and people of the Volta region.

While at this, the Association of Ewe Chiefs must seek audience with two great personalities of the land, the Chairman of the Review Committee Justice S.A. Brobbey and our dear President Nana Akufo Addo. Justice Brobbey is a world acclaimed authority on chieftaincy and traditional African systems and Nana Akufo Addo holds in his strong capable Presidential hands the economic transformation package for the Volta region.

Justice Brobbey would be happy to advice that traditional rulers avoid making sweeping statements in public and desist from fabricating unsubstantiated allegations because of the coveted position they hold in society under the constitution. He would also tell Volta chiefs to seek first the deep-rooted traditional kingdom and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto it. Again, he would urge that for a full integration into the legal adjudicative system of Ghana, our local chiefs brace themselves to matriculate and graduate from a recognized law school designed for traditional rulers, just as our judges do, before adjudicating in their traditional courts. Note it down that a strong irresistible wave of social transformation is coming to Ghana soonest, and all custodians of our traditional system better get deep-roots to take us through it.

For our dear President of the Republic, the least said about him the better. His top appointee in the region, the Hon. Volta Regional Minister, would be more than happy to take Volta chiefs through the transformation package reserved exclusively for what will be left of the Volta region after Oti is decoupled. Firstly, the creation of Oti region will leave Volta region virtually to become synonymous with Eweland, allowing the entire Ewe leadership to come together and organize their society in a more cohesive manner. Then comes the delivery of several development projects. Building a new seaport and a new port city in Keta, building first class roads, integrating Volta region into a national railway network, and putting up several other infrastructural and industrial facilities for jobs and production based local economies… The agenda is to see the Volta region transform into the eastern gateway to Ghana, by land, sea and air. This is simply mind blowing.

Why then should we try to fault these two personalities and try to undermine them simply because of their constitutional roles in creating Oti region? Our dear President Nana Akufo Addo and Justice Brobbey meant so well for the Volta region. They therefore deserve much better treatment from our chiefs.

In this new era Volta chiefs themselves must know how their collective interests are best served and how to go out and get things for themselves. They also need to hone their skills in petitioning the government of the day and not wait for manna to fall from heaven, with all due respect. The assurance here is that, in engaging Nana Akufo Addo and his government properly, they could easily get far more than they would have bargained for.

No Room for Separatists

That is why the Association of Ewe Chiefs and people in the Volta region must also insist on purging themselves of separatist hardliners, as has already been done in the Oti area. Separatists are criminals with no locus in present-day Ghana. Presidents of Ghana who in the past had successfully dealt with creating new regions had also effectively put separatists in check. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and J.J. Rawlings were known to have had zero tolerance for Ewe separatists. Our dear President Nana Akufo Addo cannot afford to be any different when it comes to ensuring the integrity of all of Ghana’s regions and its borders.

We strongly believe that the Association of Ewe Chiefs and their collaborators will heed this special appeal and cooperate for the common good.