The NPP Is The Only Party In Ghana That Is Anchored On Rich Tradition And Principle, Says John Boadu

The General Secretary of the governing NPP, John Boadu has asserted that the NPP is the only political party in Ghana that is anchored on rich tradition and strong founding principle which has stood the test of time, adding that the NPP tradition was not founded or built around individuals. This unique attribute of the NPP, he said, is the only reason why the NPP has remained a formidable party at all times notwithstanding the age-long machinations of the party’s detractors and naysayers.

Speaking at a Lecture to mark the 40th Anniversary of Dr. Busia on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at the Accra International Conference Centre, the NPP Chief Scribe stated that,

“Today, I am able to say with certainty and pride that the NPP is the only political party in the country with rich tradition which has stood the test of time. We did not build our tradition around individuals. Our tradition does not believe in individualism and hero-worshiping. That is why you will see clearly that, even after the passing of the J.B Danquahs, the Busias and the Dombos, who were the lead-founding fathers of our tradition, the NPP remained and still remains vibrant and unshaken. It is therefore glaring that, instead of individualism, our political party was founded on rich tradition anchored on shared values and strong ideology”.

John Boadu proceeded to mention some of the principles upon which the NPP was founded to include the principle of rule of law, property owning democracy, collectivism, sacrifice, respect for human right, love for country, accountability, patriotism, capitalism, liberalism, conservatism among other center-right philosophies. “These are the principles that underpin the founding of the NPP which have made her the all-time most endearing political party in Ghana’s history”, he observed.

The general secretary of the party concluded by challenging the current generation of party members to uphold these founding principles and for that matter the vision of J.B Danquah, S.D Dombo and Dr. Busia. The success or otherwise of the NPP political tradition, according to John Boadu, depends on the extent at which the party’s rank and file uphold these founding principles.

Story by Iddi Muhayu-Deen