The “Inquisitor” on A Malicious track of Incompetence, Lies, and Betrayal – Fadi Dabbousi

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a newspaper may be the devil clothed in cloaks of piety or a mouthpiece of justice devoid of malevolence or a schematic of ulterior motives, the latter being a derivative of pronouncements heavily pregnant with a will to reverse the progress being made to stem illegalities; those same that brought this nation to its knees under the unprofessional and discredited regime of the NDC. Others foot the tracks of political prostitution, ending up in a mess of shambolism, loosely running their headlines like the ulster of a villager thirsty for fashion they have totally misconceived!
And so the Inquisitor claims to be releasing “gavel by gavel account of rot at the NPA”, soon. I beg your pardon! ROT? Well, let us have it folks, because I know their Lord is sitting somewhere planning and scheming for the mafia whose lifeline from the illicit acts of smuggling and theft in the downstream oil and gas has been totally severed.
No matter what they say or do, the NPA is running like the perfect ticking of a wall clock, consistent as Big Ben. I can assure you all that at the NPA, corners are never cut and ball is not played. Alhaji Lawyer Hassan Tampuli will never disenfranchise the Ghanaian by allowing thieves and their Lord to suppress and oppress the system that is being implemented by the Akufo-Addo government. Against all odds and in spite of all the threats to tell the President to sack Hassan Tampuli, nothing will work for them. In fact, their shenanigans is thus suspended until further notice, and if, in shaa ALLAH, our visionary President, Nana Akufo-Addo, keeps the CEO of NPA at post long enough for the rules to be implemented and cemented, the NPA shall be an efficient institution for many years to come.
Those behind the Inquisitor, their financiers, cohorts, and beneficiaries of illegal businesses in the oil and gas industry must understand that the era of frightening officials by outmuscling them into submission to their caprices is long over and resting putridly in the garbage pile of history.
I dare the Inquisitor to come out with any evidence to substantiate any of the lies that they are amenable to spew. I will match them boot for boot and even mention names. Sometimes, we are restrained by the fact that the disclosure of some names will rock the boat, so I prefer to mention them on the quiet to the appropriate authorities. But this time, we will play their game!

By:Fadi Dabbousi