The grounds under which my client was detained is baseless – Lawyer Martin Kpebu

The counsel of Dr.Benjamin Agordzor,Lawyer Martin Kpebu claims his client was detained by the BNI without any solid evidence levelled against him.

According to the lawyer, the accused which happens to be his client was invited by the police with the excuse of assisting them in their investigations concerning coup plotting of which he(Dr.Agordzor) honoured the invitation only to be impounded after further interrogation. He said “we went to the BNI in the afternoon but my client is still in the custody of the police, refused to be granted bail on the grounds of baseless facts”.

Lawyer Martin Kpebu went ahead to vividly explain that Dr.Benjamin Agordzor was detained in relation to coup plot on just 3 basis of which according to him, incriminate his client in any way.

The first being the fact that the accused associated himself with a WhatsApp platform called TAG which according to him was created by one Dr.Mac Palm who in some few weeks ago was also arrested over an alleged plan to destabilize the nation. According to the lawyer the said platform was created to discuss political, social and economic issues and it was during one of these discussions that the accused made some utterances that he as a lawyer and most commentators is at fault at. He said “my client’s only comment was that the Arab spring was likely to occur in Ghana looking at our economy and for such utterances, I have made several at various platforms and that do not incriminate me”

The second and third being the fact that he (the accused) guided his WhatsApp group, TAG, on how to go about a demonstration and donating the sum of 2000.00 Ghana cedis during one of the NGO’s philanthropic acts at agbogbloshie in Accra.

The lawyer made all these claims and revelation during an interview he granted Omanhene Adu Boakye on his morning show Maakye, and added that in situations similar to that of his client’s, the suspect should be released and monitored but it is quite a different case for my client”. He assured the mass to call on the BNI for Dr.Benjamin Agordzor to be granted bail.

By: Fathia Abrefa