The Contrast Competence Of Kwesi Biney Sets Him Apart

Though I don’t have the requisite power to appoint a Regional Minister. However, I feel tempted to dissect the ” Western Regional minister subject”

My bid to write on this trending topic is to help eschew pettiness, mediocrity and kakistocracy as we move to fill a void most demanding and challenging.

Isn’t it funny how hot issues brewing in Ghana’s pot boil to the brim of our chimneys and vaporize in no time?

I can recall some years back when I was an assembly member and a polling station chairman. Working with Hon. Kwesi Biney was one of the most glamorous *experiences* I had to groom me in our body politics. The man is firm, honest, direct , principled, result oriented and an inspiring figure. His prudent management of public fund won many admirations hence the expected machinations from some quarters.

Many stories provoked public interest but at the expense of accuracy of information.

One of the most profound lessons of my life is this; if you want to achieve your highest aspirations and overcome your greatest challenges, identify and apply the principle or natural law that governs the results you seek. How we apply a principle will vary greatly and will be determined by our unique strengths, talents, and creativity, but, ultimately, success in any endeavor is always derived from acting in harmony with the principles to which the success is tied.
Many people don’t think in this direction, at least consciously. In fact, you will increasingly find that principled solutions stand in stark contrast to the common practices and thinking of our popular culture.

Hon. Kwesi Biney is a distinguished professional (Journalist) and a party (NPP) national asset who has served the party and for that matter Ghana in various capacities. He has the requisite experience and exposure to carry on this burden to succeed tremendously as a Regional minister.

Allow me to elaborate few of his contrast experiences which sets him apart from all other candidates eyeing this position.

1. The only DCE of Kufuor’s govt. to contest for regional executive position when we went into opposition in 2009.
2. He was always on Radio and T. V. defending the party.
3. Between 2009 and 2017 he wrote more than 500 articles in defence of NPP, or Nana Akufo Addo and attacked the NDC’s policies.
3. He is found on every political rally the party organized particularly in the twin city.
4.In 2016, he worked in the 3 Nzema Constituencies and supported in some cases with logistics.
5. He organised training for Communication officers in the region.
He undertook National tour with Otiko Djaba and others in 2014 to meet all regional and constituency women organisers and take them through the art of political communication.

6. He is the most loyal Akufo Addo man in the region. There are so many more. He is just maligned by some section of the party folks for his frankness, principles and integrity. Western Region will be better off with him.

*Veteran Journalist*
– advocate for NPP as editor of then the guide
– columnist of daily guide (Voice from the *west*)
*NPP Western Regional* *1st vice Chairman*
– 2009-2013
*Ahanta West DCE*
– upgrading of Badu Bonso SHS (lobbied through the then education minister Kojo Baa Wiredu, a personal friend)
– Upgrading of Agona Nkwanta Market
-Small water projects at Dixcove, Agona Nkwanta and Abura
-Teachers bungalows across the district
-Sanitation facilities across the district
– Modern classrooms across the district
– light industrial center at Agona Nkwanta
– Initiative of planning scheme for the district by KOICA and Ahanta City project.
– Earned national commendation for prudent management of public fund
*2017 Transition*
– Member of regional transitional team together with Hon. Gifty Kusi and Dr. Nana Ato Arthur. They were in charge of then Western, Central, Brong Ahafo and Ashanti regions.

This man’s success was not dependent on his circumstances and situations surrounding him. Many others were in the same situation. It was his chosen response to those circumstances, his focus on his circle of influence, that made the difference. Hence my desire to join in the clarion call to the President to turn his eye on Hon. Kwesi Biney…

As a former polling station chairman of NPP in Ahanta West, former unit committee secretary, former Ahanta West constituency NPP youth Organiser, Assembly member since 2006 to date, Ahanta West Constituency Secretary from 2013 to date; I have no hesitation but to endorse this clarion call of the Chiefs and the youth of Ahanta West about Hon. Kwesi Biney.

Constituency Secretary
Ahanta West NPP