Teacher trainees demonstrate over scrapped allowance

The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) on Monday staged a nationwide demonstration over government’s decision to scrap the teacher trainee allowance.

According to the teacher trainees, government has also failed to pay their feeding fees to their respective training colleges for almost eighteen months.

The president of the Eastern-Greater Accra (EGA) Sector of the TTAG, Jacob Ladzekpo said “after the allowance was scraped we have realized that it is causing so much problem on the campuses, students do not have resources to buy instructional materials”.

The government announced moves to scrap the allowance system which was to be replaced by the student loans which is available for all degree awarding institutions.

The decision according to government was also to allow increase in the intake of the number of trainees into the training colleges.

Members in the EGA sector begun demonstrating from the Obra spot at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle through some principal streets of Accra and ended at the Art Centre, where they petitioned the president through the minister of education.

Over three hundred teacher trainees with red arm bands were marching amidst songs like “alkayida teachers abre” and carrying placards with inscriptions such as “teachers abre”, “who said no alawa? Cabinet or Okudzeto”, “no teacher, no country”, “we need the allowance” amongst others.

The Director of Tertiary Education of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Donald Tay, received the petition on behalf of the minister.