Taxes to be scrapped off must be Redirected to fund Free SHS” — NUGS Urges Government

The national Union of Ghana students(NUGS) commends and applaud the government on the introduction of free SHS education policy in the country. We declare our support for the policy.

_Article 25 of page 24 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana with the title *educational rights ” states categorically in clause (A) basic education shall be free,compulsory and accessible to all , and (B) Secondary education in its different form’s including technical and vocational education shall be made generally accessible and available to all by every appropriate means and in particular by the *introduction of free education*_. This means education remains a right of Ghanaians and not a privilege.

The framer’s of the constitution that gave the President and parliamentarians their powers of legislature and enjoy indemnity also saw the great essence of providing free education to Ghanaians. The Union shall resist any attempts by persons in the country regardless of class,size,or whatever to disrupt the free shs education policy with all means possible

The ruling government during their campaign along the length and breath of this country promised scrapping off some tax components in the country.

Notable amongst them is the reduction of corporate tax from 25% to 20%,abolish the special import levy,,abolish the 17.5% Vat( on imported medicine, financial services, real estate sales,domestic airline tickets),reduce Vat on micro and small scale enterprise from 17.5% to 3% flat rate and many others.

The union wish to suggest to the ruling government to maintain these taxes and direct them to fund the free shs education policy.

Just as our slogan ” EDUCATION, A RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE ” we shall not relent on giving any helping hand to the government in making this great policy better and achieve it’s purpose.

_The struggle continues but victory is certain_

Long live students
Long live NUGS
Long live Ghana

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